My earliest memories of Makeup are of vivid flashbacks of television, movies, music, and my Mother. It feels not too distant ago that I was an inquisitive child sitting alongside my Mother watching her ceremonious daily makeup application. Her reflection looked back at her in her tri-fold drugstore makeup mirror with adjustable light settings: evening, home, office, day. The radio would play in the background, she would smudge her Revlon kohl pencil in onyx into her lower lash line as I sat and silently marveled at the art of the transformation taking place right before my very eyes.

"....your own life while it's happening to you never has any atmosphere unit it's a memory."
-Andy Warhol

Here I am with a Makeup career spanning over a decade and a versatile body of work. The influence of my early childhood, the arts, and the primitive years of social media channels lead me to use Makeup as my medium for creativity and profession. My work specializes in beauty makeup, bridal and commercial. I have worked tirelessly for almost the last decade of my life running a French beauty business. As well as exploring the world of Youtube and various other social media channels. When I am not centered in the beauty world, I like to spend time with my fiancé, writing, trying new recipes, and exploring my beloved New York City. Inspiration for creativity is everywhere, one just has to be in tune with it.